Geodynamics and paleo-oceanology laboratory

Laboratory of paleogeodynamics (presently Laboratory of geodynamics and paleooceanology) was formed in 1978 and headed by outstanding scientist LP. Zonenshain who made significant contribution in plate tectonics theory. After his passing away in 1993 and until now the Laboratory is headed by B.V. Baranov. The investigations covered two main topics: processes along recent and ancient plate boundaries and paleogeodynamic reconstructions of oceans and continents. Laboratory team participated in scientific expeditions in Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, in Japan, Okhotsk and Bering seas. Geology and tectonics of the ocean bottom was studied; some investigations were conducted from "Pisces" and "Mir" manned submersibles. During past 38 years team personnel significantly changed and now it includes Group of Paleooceanology, headed by E.V. Ivanova (English languages).

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