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Laboratory of Marine Turbulence was established in 1968 on the initiative of great Russian scientists - academicians A.S.Monin and A.N.Kolmogorov. Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences R.Y Ozmidov was appointed Chief of the Laboratory, and he held this post for 30 years until 1998. The main objective of the Laboratory was experimental and theoretical study of small-scale three-dimensional turbulence (microstructure) and turbulent diffusion in the ocean. The Laboratory conducted more than twenty ocean expeditions which made possible to reveal the existence of a spatio-temporal intermittency of small-scale turbulence in the presence of stable stratification of ocean water. For the first time it was shown that stable stratification leads to a limitation of the maximum size of three-dimensional turbulent eddies, and the appropriate quantitative criterion was received (the famous Ozmidov scale). In the So-th the Lab also paid great attention to the study of finestructure processes in the ocean. From 199S to the present, the Laboratory headed by Professor Y.M.Zhurbas. During last two decades, the scientific themes of Laboratory have expanded to include, in addition to the microstructure and finestructure of the ocean, also numerical modeling and observation of mesoscale and sub-mesoscale ocean structures (quasi two-dimensional turbulence) (Russian,English language).


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