Paper Guidelines

Paper Guidelines
For the International Symposium “70 Years of World Ocean Research”


Paper must be presented in English in the form of PDF file. Page size is А4, borders – 2 cm, font - Times New Roman, font size 12 pt. The maximum text length is 3 pages. The maximum file size is 30 megabytes.

Font size for author’s name and surname must be 12 pt, for organization, city and e-mail – 9 pt. Text alignment – left. If the paper has two or more authors from one organization, then the name of the organization is written in the next line after the last author’s name. If the paper has two or more authors from different organizations, then authors and their corresponding organizations must be numbered in superscript.

Skipping one line, specify up to 10 key words in 9 pt. Skipping one more line, the main body of text: font size 12 pt, line spacing 1.0, indentation – 5 mm, alignment – justified, no hyphenation.

References within the main body of text must be presented as numbers in square brackets in order of mention. The maximum number of references is 10. Illustrations and diagrams must be separated by spaces from the main body of text, description above. Chart descriptions must be below.

The presentation must be made in Power point (version 2003 or older).


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